Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Have Lift Off

Wow, time sure is flying.

As soon as Annabelle arrived, I purchased a journal with the intention of chronicling her favorite things, her "first" everything, and all those cute actions & wordings you think you'll never forget, but they fade with time. It started out well. Her christening has words from many family members with well wishes, and many of her first visitors wrote in it as well. I found the journal hard to explain to others, but it was so important to me to cherish these memories and by all means to NOT forget them.

Then life got busy. I mean really busy- grad school, clinicals, Derek returning to school, moving, starting a new job, passing my licensure, starting a fellowship program, teaching at a community college, traveling, expecting Ed, etc. wonder the journal went by the wayside. Oh, and her baby book, I think its got like 3 pages filled out, and right now I couldn't even tell you its location.

Right now Ed is almost seven weeks old, and can lift his head, look around, and will try to jump unless you have both arms wrapped tightly around him. His newborn clothes, Ha! those lasted a good day, and he's busting out of 3-6 month as we speak. Can time just stop, seriously...can it stop and I can get a video crew in here to chronicle his "first" everything, and his favorite things before I forget them all?

Ok, well we don't want to replicate "Jon & Kate," but wouldn't it be nice not to forget all those little moments that make a life?

As evidenced by my parents, all those little memories of your children are still floating around. One example, the same song that calmed me down as a baby, works on Ed. It's Willie Nelson's "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground." When the fuss train came, they would play this song, and I would calm down & go to sleep. About a week ago, they tried it on Ed, and wouldn't you know - it worked. In case you don't know it, or its been too long, I've attached a link to the song.

Nana & Ed listening to some Willie

"I knew someday that you would fly away / For love's the greatest healer to be found / So leave me if you need to / I will still remember / Angel flying too close to the ground"

As an adult this song always makes me sad. The guitar sounds like tears, and the lyrics almost crush me. As a parent, the lyrics completely breaks my heart.

We are raising our children to live their own lives as adults, but that, of course, means they will leave us one day. Since I cannot seem to chronicle every step and word, we will need to continuously rack each other's brains to remember all these small moments. So far, I think we're doing a pretty good job.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sir Edward continued his world tour last weekend as we ventured out to Spicewood, Texas. Luckily,Craig (Derek's dad) completed a catering job the previous night, so we ate brisket, sausage, potato salad, and beans. Derek's Aunt Kim also stopped by, and she gave Ed some truly adorable outfits he should enjoy this spring.

Annabelle spent most of her time playing outside on the swing set & monkey bars with (Derek's mom) Ma Candy. Candy explained Derek played on the same equipment when he was a child. Annabelle loved that, and has asked her Daddy several times, "You remember when you was a little and played on the monkey bars & swing set?" 

It's always challenging to explain to children the relationship status of, "my mom, your grandma", etc. Annabelle and Ed may have a very challenging time as they are lucky enough to each have 4 grandparents, and a total of 8 great-grandparents, and each of these 12 wonderful people have a different moniker. I would list them, but I might get confused as well. :-)

One of the very cool things we did was take a male four generation picture. I believe there is one of me with my mom, Mammy, and Maw Maw T, but I've yet to ever see it. The T in the Maw Maw is for Townsend by the way. 

Derek has a five generation picture that I've added below with Candy, his grandmother Irene, his great-grandmother Leyendecker, and his great-great grandmother Augustina. Yep, a twice great grandmother; hard to believe. 

We captured the male four generation picture with Ed, Derek, Craig & Don Schlicke. The crazy thing about Ed is he is the first born male of this generation on both sides of the family. If this was medieval times, I believe Sir Edward would be next in line for King, and I would be admired so as I produced a male heir to the throne. Alas, it is 2012 and neither of the above are true. What is true is he is a sweet, young boy loved by his family. 

Edith (Derek's grandmother) & Annabelle

Ma Candy & Ed in matching outfits & Kim to the left

Derek, Craig, Ed & Don - 4 generations of Schlicke

Derek's 5 generation picture - Amazing!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This weekend we traveled to Burleson, Texas to visit Derek's grandmother Irene aka Annabelle's "Welita" and her husband Terry aka Annabelle's "GGpa." Burleson is not a far drive from our house, and I'm not sure why we haven't ventured up there sooner. Derek's answer was, "Because we are tired and busy." I tend to agree. Alas, we got up Saturday morning and Ed slept the whole trip and Annabelle hardly made a sound. 

We arrived to two very excited great-grandparents and a delicious meal of ribs, chicken, beans, rice, homemade tortillas- Derek's favorite, pound cake, and banana pudding- my favorite. Yum!

Derek's uncle Rahja, "Jay" and his wife Hillary and her daughter Quinn were nice enough to spend the day with us as well. It's always fun for me to be around Derek's family that will tell me stories about his whiny & annoying behavior as a child. I especially loved the story about Irene chasing him with a switch when he tried to run out in the street. Thanks Jay!

Below is a recreation with Annabelle and Welita. Annabelle was holding her rear-end with one hand & running from Irene. 

Despite the crazy hair, I love this picture of Annabelle!

Annabelle and Terry played so much in their garden. She was initially afraid to get her boots dirty, but she got the hang of it pretty quickly with Terry and Irene's guidance. Terry was planning to get his potatoes started and Annabelle said, "Yum. French fries!"

Left to right is Quinn, Irene, Hillary, Ed, and Jay

Below is Annabelle and her great uncle Rahja

 Ed and his Welita

We came home with all sorts of goodies. Irene made several blankets for Ed and a gorgeous quilt with a rocking horse. We'll get some pictures up of it later. It's truly something to be seen. Terry gave me this wonderful antique chair that has a step stool that folds and unfolds to reach our tall cabinets. Annabelle has already claimed the chair as hers and sat on it in the living room yesterday evening. We all just hung around the house and ate and visited, but man we sure had a wonderful time catching up and introducing Ed to everyone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Miracle

Well, the S family had a hectic, trying and amazing Christmas this year.
Townsend Edward, aka Sir Edward, arrived December 13th. We were elated to bring him home and were just getting cozy, only to spend 2 long nights in the hospital due to jaundice. While Ed was getting his tan on under the UV lights, Annabelle participated in her Christmas Pageant. I say participated laughingly because she stood in the back and was the only child in two classes who refused to wear the Christmas Package. Unfortunately I couldn't attend due to Ed's hospital stay, but Derek and Grandpa shared all the details and some pictures!
 Don't know if you can see her. She's in the back...the one without a box. 
 She did wear a headband though!

Her teacher stated, "I tried everything I could to get her to wear the box". I suppose it's not the worst thing to have a stubborn, bull-headed, I mean strong willed and determined little girl as our daughter. I mean sure it makes clean-up time and teeth brushing challenging, but she, like Popeye, is who she is. We learned she is not a little girl who wears boxes and sings for the entertainment of strangers and that is something that makes us proud.
Although Derek wanted to make it clear that he wrapped the box, with a blue bow per Annabelle's request and was the first parent to turn the box in. "It made me look like I didn't do my job", I believe was his exact wording.
As for Sir Edward, he made it through the jaundice (and the two dozen or so heel sticks) and is currently putting on the pounds as Derek and myself are trying to reverse our pregnancy weight gain. At 3 wks he weighed an impressive 10 pounds and 13 ounces. I must say, he is looking like a supreme athlete.
Luckily Christmas and New Years was spent with lots of visitors, more than enough food and two healthy kids at the S Family Den. This new year brought us a wireless Internet connection...Derek is rejoicing no doubt and this blog to keep you updated on our adventures.