Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tonkawa Falls

You've heard of Crawford, Texas, right? It's about ten minutes from our house. Some folks call it the Western White House. Many remember it's where Cindy Sheehan camped in 2005 (I had to look that year up). 

Well, who knew it had a gorgeous waterfall & a well kept city park? 
On a day as gorgeous as today, there's no way you need to stay inside. We needed to get some bluebonnet pictures of Annabelle & Ed, and after the huge rainstorms earlier this week, the wildflowers are stunning. Growing up in the highly revered Texas Hill Country, I am well equipped to say the countryside in this part of Central Texas is close, if not better, when it comes to breathtaking views and rolling hills. 

We set out towards Crawford in search of bluebonnets and Tonkawa Falls. It was easy enough to find as it's a city park. Something else- it was free, with ample parking & less than ten people around. A little different than Austin, huh?

Tonkawa Falls    Crawford, Texas
Luckily, both Annabelle & Ed participated in a 3 minute photo session. Here's the proof. 

This is my favorite
Trying to coax some smiles
Ed, always a willing participant, in a bed of bluebonnets
We walked around and hiked up the rocks. Annabelle, fearless as ever, kept venturing out to the edge of the rocks to get a better look. To appease her adventurous spirit, Derek carried her closer to the falls.

Edge of the Falls
We weren't there more than twenty minutes, and we decided to call Grandpa. Tonkawa Falls seemed like his type of place. About fifteen minutes later, Grandpa arrived while we were sitting by the water. He wasn't holding a baby, yet, so he hiked down the steeper rocks and made his way across the falls. By this time, Ed was ready for some sun bathing.

Chunk of love
Baby D & Annabelle soaking their feet
 Oh, the bridge. There's a wooden bridge, semi-covered in asphalt, going over the Falls. The picture doesn't show it, but we were up pretty high on this ledge.

Annabelle is done taking pictures & ready to explore
Derek and Annabelle wandered all around and I sat on a rock with Ed. He was enjoying the shade and small breeze, but the paparazzi caught this shot of him fussing a little bit. 

Wilderness baby
 Can you believe this is less than 10 miles from our house? Wow, we need to get out more!

Annabelle Leigh
Townsend Edward

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Many Faces of Annabelle Leigh

Lately it seems like we've been living in the "Land of Ed." He is definitely ruling the roost, as of late, but there's someone who reigned long before he came along. 
Annabelle Leigh. 
So, what's she been doing lately?  

She's had some nightmares -  one about a scary tomato in Baby Ed's tummy & one where Baby Ed had three eyes & teeth.

She's a gardener - tending to her strawberries, tomatos, bell peppers, cilantro & green onions. 

She plays guitar - strumming while repeating, "I totally rock, oh yeah!"

She's an actress - playing with her dogs & barking at all who walk by

She's a baker - mixing

She's a baker - pouring

 She's a baker - tasting

She's a baker - sprinkling

She's a cook - gathering ingredients

She's a helper - cleaning up her own mess

She's a family girl - loves spending time with the Ebarb women 

She's a cowgirl - just look at those boots!

She's a big sister - and she's doing awesome at all these things, but especially this one.