Sunday, April 22, 2012


Easter was only three weeks ago right? So I'm three weeks behind; not too bad.
We spent this Easter in Austin at my Grandma & Grandaddy's house, or as Annabelle says, "Grandma & Charlie's."
Last year Annabelle had an adorable dress, an Easter basket full of sweets & completed a solo Easter egg hunt - one egg at a time. It's now a custom to diligently & carefully grab one egg at a time & slowly walk back to the stationary basket. Looks like it will be a while before she partakes in a competitive Easter egg hunt; she'd be eaten alive. 
This year, Easter totally snuck up on us. No Easter bunny pictures; Annabelle is terrified of him & I don't blame her. No Easter dress pictures because there wasn't an Easter dress. No basket full of sweets because Annabelle doesn't like chocolate. 
What we did have was plenty of food, family & another solo Easter egg hunt. 

Grandpa tending to the ham
Annabelle giving thanks for her daily bread - just kidding, she was trying to get out of taking a picture
My delicious Easter plate
Annabelle's Easter's a bit non-traditional
Great Uncle Daryl & Ed
Annabelle & her Easter gift - an Airbender
Annabelle's solo Easter egg hunt - note the egg at the bottom left
Ed & my/our cousin Olivia
Grandma & Charlie - the best people I've ever met

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