Sunday, May 20, 2012


I thought you had to be four to play T-ball.
Two months ago we kept seeing kids practicing at the ball field across from our house. We were walking around, making use of the double stroller, and I thought Annabelle had to be the same age as these kids. So, I butted my way into the dugout and asked some man how old the kids were and he answered, "Three to five."
Uh, hello. How did we not know about this? I interrogated him until I received all the important info and contact numbers for whoever was in charge. One day later we were on the team!
First practice went well. Second practice went okay; after she completed twenty to thirty minutes of crying. Her third & fourth practices were reminiscent of practice two. Maybe there is a reason why kids don't play T-ball until they are four.
Her first game rolled around rather quickly. I wouldn't say she was the superstar of the team, but she did keep her glove on and stood the entire game. Many other parents could not say the same.
Her game face
Second game was a total nightmare. She was getting warmed up and was pumped to play short stop (did I mention she's short stop?) and they did the unthinkable - made her bat first. Nope, she didn't bat, she didn't even hold the bat. Coach Justin bunted the ball for her, thinking she would run. She didn't. That's okay, if they lead her to the base she would follow. Wrong again, she stomped the entire way and made it known she was, "not playing baseball!" Second time up to bat, she did her thing and was fully ready to participate about the time the last runner crossed home plate.

She is probably deciding if she wants to play
Third game started out like the second. She didn't want to play, but with a little encouragement, (given through gritted teeth) she "hit the ball and run the bases."

Heading to second with Coach Matt
Fourth game she caught the first ball of the game. I mean she caught it with her glove and threw it to first base. It's a non-competitive league so I'm not at liberty to say if the person was out or not, but let's just say the applause was pretty heavy!

Getting a pep talk from very patient Coach Mark
Fifth game she didn't want to play, but after she got started in the field, she hit twice and ran to the bases holding tightly on to her helmet while running all the bases. She caught the ball again and threw it to first.

Look at that follow through!
These T-ball games are fraught with threats of cancelled Six Flag trips, the denial of ice cream privileges, an increase in spankings and/or timeout, and the most vile of all - no television in bed! I am happy to say we haven't crossed over to that side, but every ounce of my patience has been tested a couple times. But look at that picture up there; I think we got ourselves a ball player! And if not, that's okay too.

 Special thanks to Coach Mark, Greg, Matt & Justin for their kindness, generosity & unwavering patience!

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  1. This was hilarious. Very enjoyable and entertaining. Go Annabelle!