Sunday, June 3, 2012


We made two trips to Louisiana in one month; no wonder I'm a little tired.

Our first trip was for a senior dance recital for my cousin Bailey. She did an awesome job & her twin Stephen even participated in the final dance as her partner. Annabelle had so much fun. She was mimicking the dance moves in the audience; especially the butterfly dance. Ed even watched most of it!
Ed, Bailey & Myself after recital
Earlier this year, Sir Edward met some of the Ebarb women, but he hadn't me one guy yet - my Paw Paw. So, they met and fell in love. Here's the proof.
Ed & Paw Paw getting to know each other
Ed also picked up a football for the first time. Who better to show him around a football than these two guys? How about Dak, who plays for Mississippi State University? Or Jace, who played football at Northwestern University in Louisiana?
Ed & cousin Dak sharing offensive strategies
Ed & Cousin Jace at Bailey & Stephen's graduation
We stayed at our old friend Ms. Mary's house. She's known me my whole life and was amazing enough to put up with all four of us on two different occasions. We love you!
Ms. Soileau & Annabelle watching cartoons
Someone else met Ed for the first time. Ms. Peggy- oh wait, don't call her that, Aunt Peggy will suffice. She is one of my favorite people ever and I am trying to remember one time I've ever been around her where I haven't had fun, and...I can't remember. That's because she is awesome and hilarious. Ed seemed to fall in love with her too.
Looking like twins at Red Lobster
Traveling all the way to Louisiana will make you tired. Mammy took advantage of one of the few sleep & cuddle opportunities Ed gives.
Mammy & Ed resting up
Something crazy happened at the dance recital. Baby Ed turned into a flesh eating zombie with a particular affinity for eyeballs. Lucky for us, he quickly recovered.

Annabelle trying to fend off an attack from Ed 
  Life is busy, and sometimes you don't get to see the people you love very often. Well, below are two ladies I love and miss very much & I try to cherish the time I spend with them- two of my aunts.
Peggy, Me & Valrie -  a little washed out, but still looking good!
To quote the most talented Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." I need to be reminded of that sometimes.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures and the tears! They were good and bad tears...good because I loved seeing all those people that we both love so much and bad tears because I miss them all so much!!! Soon, soon, please let it be soon that I get to go spend a few days with them.....I love all of you SOOOO much!!!