Monday, August 6, 2012

Coconut Zucchini Muffins

Okay, enough with that sappy anniversary stuff. I'm hungry, and I'm on a zucchini kick.

'Tis the season for zucchini; it's everywhere. Who hasn't had zucchini bread? I needed something different. Luckily my friends at King Arthur Flour have got me covered with my addiction.

Alright, I almost took the easy way out with these muffins. I thought to myself...these don't really need a glaze do they? Actually toasting coconut? Last time I did that it burned- badly. That pan was hard to clean. Then I thought, okay, there's a reason the recipe is written this way and let's give it a go. First of all, the toasted coconut smells amazing. I know there are some folks who don't like coconut & I used to be one of you. Have you tried it toasted? If not, then my guess is you are missing out. And the aroma....much better than any Glade or Scentsy product I've ever come across. The muffins are very tasty, not too dense, but the star is the glaze with the toasted coconut. Completely worth the extra effort. Here's the recipe.   
Naked muffin! 
Our glaze to the left and the toasted coconut to the right
The glaze needs to be a little runny...otherwise it would be called icing
Small hands roll it in the coconut
The same little hands place it just so!
So delicious!

Sure sure, zucchini is a healthy vegetable. You can steam it, grill it, saute it, but baking with it is more fun. I promise.


  1. You said the pan was hard to clean from toasting the coconut??? Was it just because you burned it the first time or hard to clean from the oil from the coconut? Was thinking maybe line the toasting pan with parchment??

  2. Th pan was only hard to clean because I burned it the first try. This time, it was a breeze to clean and eat. SO good!