Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hail State

I've never been one to have school spirit, and that is a gross understatement. But now, I am a Mississippi State bulldog fan! My cousin, #15, Dak Prescott is a freshman quarterback attending MS State. If you know me, you are aware I know nothing about football. Yet, I found myself at work using the phrase, "dual threat" when speaking of Dak. I've learned a thing or two this football season, so let's recap.

It's a long way to Mississippi from Central Texas, so we stop in Shreveport to settle down, rest & meet Aunt Peggy, Dak's mom, then it's Mississippi bound. We've been to two games and headed back for two more before the end of the season. It's loud, crazy, full of cowbells and a total blast.
We went to the season opener in Starkville, and were there to see Dak's first SEC touchdown. Here's the proof.

I've learned a few things on these road trips. 
1. You can't buy your own cowbell, it's considered bad luck.
2. We don't say "Ole Miss" in Starkville. It's called, "the school up north." The bulldogs are THE Mississippi school.
3. Dak can run the ball. 
4. Hotel pools can turn your navy colored bathing suit gray. No, I will not post a picture.
5. Ed makes a mess at a continental breakfast.
6. Bring cash for parking, duh. Actually double duh. 
7. The iPad is the greatest investment we've made in recent history. As Derek says, "we invested in our sanity."
8. You get what you pay for when it comes to hotels. Enough said. 
9. I feel a little special when pizza is delivered poolside at a hotel. Big pimpin' baby. 
10. Annabelle says "Ont" not "Ant" when saying Aunt Peggy. 
11. Mississippi State football games are a blast! We've had the best time. 

The man we are there to see #15 - Intensity baby!

Ed making friends in the stands

Ed & myself enjoying the Jackson State game

Family shot after the game

Stopping at the Mississippi/Louisiana State Line

Ed & myself in front of the mighty Mississippi

Aunt Peggy & Annabelle aka 2 of the biggest Bulldog fans

Look at that form! Hail State. 

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  1. Love this piece!! Well, ya already KNOW how jealous I am!! Another interesting fact I see...that it's bad luck to buy your own cowbell...Will I be getting one for "our" birthday??? ;-)

    And yes, there's one more reminder...STAY AWAY FROM MONKHOUSE DRIVE!!! That's an ORDER!!! LOVE YOU ALL BUNCHES AND BUNDLES!