Sunday, November 11, 2012

Annabelle Leigh

Four years ago we welcomed a little girl, Annabelle Leigh.
If there was ever a match made in heaven, it's her being matched with us. We are peas in a pod. Actually, Baby D & I may be the peas in her pod. Sometimes in life, you get what you need. Other times, you get what you want. Only once in a lifetime though, comes an Annabelle Leigh.
Already best friends
She is sensitive. A raised voice directed towards her and it's a flood of tears.
She is a cowboy boot wearing, red lipstick toting, tangled hair flowing, stubborn as a mule kind of girl.
She is a marketing firm's dream. There is not a televised product she wouldn't purchase if given the chance.
She is content. She loves a Friday movie night on the couch, made all the more perfect by a run to Dollar General for candy & 'homemade cookies' aka Chips Ahoy.

Showing off her painted pumpkins
Things she loves: Tom & Jerry, sausage pizza, lollipops, horses, flying in airplanes, King of Lion, Coca-Cola, painting, watching Dak play football, Spongebob, chicken, Las Vegas, french fries, licking the batter bowl, scary movies, Rio, exercise, bacon, changing Eddie's diapers, nice hotels, balloons, strawberries & cuddling.

Halloween as a queen...a nice one. 
She apologizes to me often for growing taller. "I'm sorry Mommy, but I have to grow bigger just like you. I'm sorry, but I have to, don't be sad." She says this as she gently strokes my hair & face. It's all I can do to not burst into tears immediately.
She is someone I'm glad to know and I'm so thankful I am her mom. I love you Annabelle.

Cuddle friends

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  1. <3 it!! So glad to share a birthday with Annabelle!!!!