Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Miracle

Well, the S family had a hectic, trying and amazing Christmas this year.
Townsend Edward, aka Sir Edward, arrived December 13th. We were elated to bring him home and were just getting cozy, only to spend 2 long nights in the hospital due to jaundice. While Ed was getting his tan on under the UV lights, Annabelle participated in her Christmas Pageant. I say participated laughingly because she stood in the back and was the only child in two classes who refused to wear the Christmas Package. Unfortunately I couldn't attend due to Ed's hospital stay, but Derek and Grandpa shared all the details and some pictures!
 Don't know if you can see her. She's in the back...the one without a box. 
 She did wear a headband though!

Her teacher stated, "I tried everything I could to get her to wear the box". I suppose it's not the worst thing to have a stubborn, bull-headed, I mean strong willed and determined little girl as our daughter. I mean sure it makes clean-up time and teeth brushing challenging, but she, like Popeye, is who she is. We learned she is not a little girl who wears boxes and sings for the entertainment of strangers and that is something that makes us proud.
Although Derek wanted to make it clear that he wrapped the box, with a blue bow per Annabelle's request and was the first parent to turn the box in. "It made me look like I didn't do my job", I believe was his exact wording.
As for Sir Edward, he made it through the jaundice (and the two dozen or so heel sticks) and is currently putting on the pounds as Derek and myself are trying to reverse our pregnancy weight gain. At 3 wks he weighed an impressive 10 pounds and 13 ounces. I must say, he is looking like a supreme athlete.
Luckily Christmas and New Years was spent with lots of visitors, more than enough food and two healthy kids at the S Family Den. This new year brought us a wireless Internet connection...Derek is rejoicing no doubt and this blog to keep you updated on our adventures.

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  1. Love this! Great way to keep up with you, Derek and the kiddos!! Enjoyable read!! Did this in Oct 2009- early 2010 when I was sure I was losing what was left of my mind!! Good therapy!!