Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sir Edward continued his world tour last weekend as we ventured out to Spicewood, Texas. Luckily,Craig (Derek's dad) completed a catering job the previous night, so we ate brisket, sausage, potato salad, and beans. Derek's Aunt Kim also stopped by, and she gave Ed some truly adorable outfits he should enjoy this spring.

Annabelle spent most of her time playing outside on the swing set & monkey bars with (Derek's mom) Ma Candy. Candy explained Derek played on the same equipment when he was a child. Annabelle loved that, and has asked her Daddy several times, "You remember when you was a little and played on the monkey bars & swing set?" 

It's always challenging to explain to children the relationship status of, "my mom, your grandma", etc. Annabelle and Ed may have a very challenging time as they are lucky enough to each have 4 grandparents, and a total of 8 great-grandparents, and each of these 12 wonderful people have a different moniker. I would list them, but I might get confused as well. :-)

One of the very cool things we did was take a male four generation picture. I believe there is one of me with my mom, Mammy, and Maw Maw T, but I've yet to ever see it. The T in the Maw Maw is for Townsend by the way. 

Derek has a five generation picture that I've added below with Candy, his grandmother Irene, his great-grandmother Leyendecker, and his great-great grandmother Augustina. Yep, a twice great grandmother; hard to believe. 

We captured the male four generation picture with Ed, Derek, Craig & Don Schlicke. The crazy thing about Ed is he is the first born male of this generation on both sides of the family. If this was medieval times, I believe Sir Edward would be next in line for King, and I would be admired so as I produced a male heir to the throne. Alas, it is 2012 and neither of the above are true. What is true is he is a sweet, young boy loved by his family. 

Edith (Derek's grandmother) & Annabelle

Ma Candy & Ed in matching outfits & Kim to the left

Derek, Craig, Ed & Don - 4 generations of Schlicke

Derek's 5 generation picture - Amazing!


  1. ok....i STILL have no idea where the Edward came from.....

  2. from Edith???? Wonderful pictures...what a rich family heritage little Townsend has.