Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Have Lift Off

Wow, time sure is flying.

As soon as Annabelle arrived, I purchased a journal with the intention of chronicling her favorite things, her "first" everything, and all those cute actions & wordings you think you'll never forget, but they fade with time. It started out well. Her christening has words from many family members with well wishes, and many of her first visitors wrote in it as well. I found the journal hard to explain to others, but it was so important to me to cherish these memories and by all means to NOT forget them.

Then life got busy. I mean really busy- grad school, clinicals, Derek returning to school, moving, starting a new job, passing my licensure, starting a fellowship program, teaching at a community college, traveling, expecting Ed, etc. wonder the journal went by the wayside. Oh, and her baby book, I think its got like 3 pages filled out, and right now I couldn't even tell you its location.

Right now Ed is almost seven weeks old, and can lift his head, look around, and will try to jump unless you have both arms wrapped tightly around him. His newborn clothes, Ha! those lasted a good day, and he's busting out of 3-6 month as we speak. Can time just stop, seriously...can it stop and I can get a video crew in here to chronicle his "first" everything, and his favorite things before I forget them all?

Ok, well we don't want to replicate "Jon & Kate," but wouldn't it be nice not to forget all those little moments that make a life?

As evidenced by my parents, all those little memories of your children are still floating around. One example, the same song that calmed me down as a baby, works on Ed. It's Willie Nelson's "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground." When the fuss train came, they would play this song, and I would calm down & go to sleep. About a week ago, they tried it on Ed, and wouldn't you know - it worked. In case you don't know it, or its been too long, I've attached a link to the song.

Nana & Ed listening to some Willie

"I knew someday that you would fly away / For love's the greatest healer to be found / So leave me if you need to / I will still remember / Angel flying too close to the ground"

As an adult this song always makes me sad. The guitar sounds like tears, and the lyrics almost crush me. As a parent, the lyrics completely breaks my heart.

We are raising our children to live their own lives as adults, but that, of course, means they will leave us one day. Since I cannot seem to chronicle every step and word, we will need to continuously rack each other's brains to remember all these small moments. So far, I think we're doing a pretty good job.


  1. Love the picture of your Mama with Sir Ed!! STILL can hardly wait to hold him, but thinking it's not going to be like holding Annabelle just a couple of days after "OUR" birthdays!!! Hoping to see you all very soon!! Love You ALL!

  2. Great post. I love that your lullaby was passed down to Ed. I carefully chose Piper's lullaby and sang it to her every night as she fell asleep for the first 4 years of her life, then she wanted to start choosing her own bedtime songs. 3 years later, she can't even remember the name of the song she couldn't go to sleep without during all of those early years. I had envisioned her singing it to her children one day. So this is me, living vicariously through your moment!

  3. Thanks Pam! Love you too.
    Thanks so much Brittany! I am so glad I posted it. :-) Derek is hardly moved by anything nostalgic, but this even got him! Would love to see you all soon.